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Mean Machines (Jun, 1992)
Ballistic should be applauded for releasing a game of this calibre as part of their £29.99 price range. Super Off-Road is an excellent conversion that's all the better when there are two players participating. The graphics are spot-on replicas of the arcade original, with extra tracks not included in the original coin-op (actually, I've a feeling that they're in the Off-Road Challenge follow-up). The sound effects and music are very dull though and they don't make any use of the Megadrive's sample-playing abilities. However, I can see single players getting a bit bored with this after a while as there isn't much in the way of variety, but if you've got a pal who fancies some two-player racing, get this!
The Video Game Critic (Mar 10, 2002)
Oh yeah - I loved this one the first time I laid eyes on it! It looks decidedly old school, with tiny cars riding around miniature dirt tracks that fit on a single screen. The graphics are minutely detailed, and the tracks and cars have a rugged 3D look to them. The tracks are small but exciting, with bumps, ramps, water, and multiple paths. Four little cars speed through the course, bouncing around and bumping into each other around every turn. The controls are simple: one button accelerates and the other gives you a "nitro" turbo boost. It's all the fun of Micro Machines without the limited view. Bonuses randomly appear around the course, and between races you can upgrade parts and purchase more nitros. It's a shame that there's no four-player mode, but my main complaint is that the computer-controlled gray car is just too hard to beat! Super Off Road is a hidden gem as far as Genesis games go. I can play this one again and again.
Retro Archives (Dec 16, 2018)
Super Off Road sur Megadrive aurait certainement mieux survécu dans la mémoire des joueurs s’il avait eu l’excellente idée de sortir quatre ans plus tôt. En l’état, on se retrouve avec un portage légèrement inférieur à celui disponible sur Super Nintendo, et où il est impossible de jouer à plus de deux, ce qui est une erreur impardonnable. Un titre sympathique, malgré tout, mais préférez-lui la version sortie sur la 16 bits concurrente.
Deutlich mehr und witzigere Strecken im Vergleich zu den Heimcomputer-Versionen bietet die original Spielhallen-Umsetzung Super Off Roads fürs Mega Driue. Dafür können jedoch - systembedingt – nur zwei Spieler an diesem Truck-Rennspektakel teilnehmen. Unterschiede gibts auch beim Spielablauf: Auf Unebenheiten des Bodens reagieren die Trucks nun wesentlich intensiver, und das gesamte Spiel ist lobenswerterweise schwieriger geworden. Resümee: Die Mega Drive-Version Super Off Roads ist die bisher beste.
Power Play (Jun, 1992)
Jetzt fehlen nur noch die Handheld-Versionen und Lelands Arcade-Blockbuster Super Off Road ist auf allen wichtigen Computern und Konsolen einsatzbereit. Die Mega-Drive-Version von Ballistic hält sich, wie alle anderen Umsetzungen, exakt an das Vorbild und vermittelt denselben Fahrspass. Bis zu zwei Spieler dürfen auf 16 unterschiedlichen Runkursen um die Wette flitzen.
Video Games (May, 1992)
Die Musik ist furchtbar, die Grafik farblos und im Vergleich mit der Super-NES-Version trist. Wenigstens die vielen Animationsphasen der Autos, wurden auch auf Mega Drive übernommen. Glücklicherweise haben die Programmierer fast alle spielerischen Gags des Vorbildes implementiert - die Spielbarkeit ist exzellent, nur am Kurvenverhalten wurde etwas gespart. Daran ist aber das Sega-Pad schuld, das im Vergleich zum Nintendo-Gegenstück mit weniger Knöpfen auskommen muß, So ist Super Oft Road vor allem zu zweit wirklich unterhaltsam. Alleine allerdings stellt sich schnell Langeweile ein: Schlagt also nur dann zu, wenn Ihr einen Rennpartner zur Hand habt.
This is a hard game to bring to a home system. The graphics are tiny and the music is annoying. The game play is almost uncontrollable and the opposing cars pull some real cheap stunts. I like the coin-op version of the game but his cart is lacking in too many areas to be called a good translation.
40 (Oct 04, 2007)
As a two-player game, Super Off-Road just feels all the more hollow, and it's a wonder why four-player support was not included in this Genesis version as it was in the NES port. Simple left/right steering and two button control (accelerate and boost) make it a game anyone can pick up and enjoy. While sometimes obstacles or the track railing can obscure the player's truck, the vehicles themselves are pretty responsive aside from the odd spin out here or there. Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off-Road was Leland Corporation's biggest hit before being absorbed into Tradewest, and that was due to the fantastic multi-player action, which was sadly forgotten while making the leap to the Genesis. Lackluster production and limited two-player support leave Super Off-Road a weak console representation of an arcade game which ultimately will be remembered as a flash in the pan itself.