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Jurassic Park Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Instead of the usual Sega logo, this is what greets you.
Title screen
Main menu
Oh, we're gonna have some fun now!
Your objective
Nice to meet you: triceratops.
Throwing a bomb.
Pterodactyls attack.
Cave with dangerous stones and useful items
Factory level
Pushing crates, solving puzzles.
Raptor's intro screen
Off to find and eat Grant.
Platform jumping and climbing still apply.
You can grab enemies with your jaws and shake them to death.
Since the film said Raptors were smart, they can push crates and open doors.
Deadly razor claws are at your disposal.
You can ram enemies and cover long distances with a pounce attack.
Final level. Grant is close. Will he become your dinner?
Password entry screen (entering password for the secret debug menu)
Debug menu: level select, music player
Dr. Grant in the Volcano level
Dr. Grant in Visitor center