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The Killing Game Show Credits


DesignMartyn R. Chudley
ProgrammingMartyn R. Chudley
ArtMartyn R. Chudley, Jeff Bramfitt, Jim Bowers, Pete Lyon
ProducerKeith Francart
Technical DirectorDominique Philippine
SoundsTony Williams (Sound Images)
MusicTony Williams (Sound Images)
Product ManagementChip Lange, Lesley Mansford
Package DesignLance Anderson
Cover IllustrationRoger Dean (Yes; THAT Roger Dean)
DocumentationMarti McKenna
Documentation LayoutChandler Briggs
Manual IllustrationsAdrian Bourne
TestingGerald McLane
Quality AssuranceTim LeTourneau, Kevin Hogan

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (231102)