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Genesis version

The US title screen. I am still at a loss as to why the title was changed.
Euro and Japanese title screen - that's more like it.
Oh, and did I mention the Jap version had the FMV intro?
The video window has been drastically reduced. well as the color count... well as the frame count...
Yet, despite that the cartridge ROM is double the size of the US release.
The intro plays in complete silence.
I wish they kept the SOTB 2 intro the way they kept this one.
Yeah! Welcome to the Killing Game Show!
Please note the reflective D.O.L. (deadly organic liquid) is much uglier in this version.
The first two levels are the "easiest".
So expect to die a lot.
If just reaching the top wasn't challenging enough, you also have to get all the crystals on your way up.
By this point the game's difficulty starts to aggravate you.
This is as far as you will get without cheating :)
Levels often contain an excessive number of keys.
And some levels hide some really nasty surprises right near the end.
Thank goodness for Game Genie.
Every new world has a pretty distinct look.
This one, for example, has all things skeletal in it.
This level is nearly impossible to complete even with all the cheats on!