King's Bounty Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

Developer screen
Title screen
Character selection
Difficulty selection
Your journey starts in front of king Maximus' castle.
Inside the king's caste you can get audiences and recruit troops.
Town screen
Buy monsters in dungeons.
Adventuring spell menu
Read some signs.
Get money from treasures or leadership by distribution.
A week passes, you get weekly money and pay your army.
Here we found a lost artefact.
Buy monsters at hills.
Buy monsters at plains.
Find mineral deposits and get higher weekly income.
Bridge over troubled water
View the complete map of Continentia.
Our hero's sprite (boat) behind the enemy's sprite ;)
Swimmin' in the lake
Battle option screen
Combat spell selection
Buy some monsters at the forest
Battle inside a castle (here the big boss)
Contract information for the big boss
Victory against a villain (here the big boss)
View puzzle pieces
View the site of the sceptre uncovered completely
Eye candy: all monster types on one screen
Character statistics screen