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l'Abbaye des Morts Credits (Genesis)

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l'Abbaye des Morts Credits

l'Abbaye des Morts

Original game byJuan Antonio Becerra Vilchez (@Locomalito), Javier García (@Gryzor87)
Code Mun (@MoonwatcherMD)
MSX SkinGerardo Herce (@pipagerardo)
Gameboy, PCW and CGA SkinsFelipe Monge Corbala (@vakapp)
Megadrive SkinDaniel Nevado (@DanySnowyman)
Music and SFXPaolo Arus (credited as DaRkHoRaCe [@oongamoonga])
C64 SkinIgor Errazkin (@Errazking)
Music and SFX C64Manuel Gómez (Barón Ashler)
Cover, Design and LayoutFelipe Monge Corbala (@vakapp)
Cover and "Fabularium" IllustrationsMasterklown, Ozar Midrashim (credited as @Urza2)
Instruction ManualAlfonso Martinez (@_SrPresley_)
English Booklet TranslationJosé Antonio Vela-Barca (sevenator)
French Booklet TranslationCôté Gamers []
TestersAlfonso Martinez (@_SrPresley_), Rubén Vaquer Montes (@TitoAdol3), Jesús Jiménez García (credited as Jimi [@TodoMegadrive])
SGDK dev. kitStéphane Dallongeville (credited as Stef [@MegadriveDev])
Special Thanks toJosé Zanni (@josepzin), David Lara (@nevat)
Godfather of this release Leander (@leanderpixel)

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