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The Lawnmower Man Credits

The Lawnmower Man Team

Game DesignSimon Pick
ProgrammingKev Brady, Christoffer Nilsson, Kevin Parker
GraphicsRobert Whitaker
Original Music CompositionAllister Brimble
Sound Effects and SamplesAllister Brimble
Sega VersionPeter Hennig (Teque London)
Programming Back‑upChristoffer Nilsson, Ken Murfitt
Additional Game DesignChristoffer Nilsson, Ken Murfitt
UtilitiesSteve Palmer, Ronald Pieket-Weeserik, David C. Bowler
ProducersSean Kelly, Ken Humphries
Executive ProducersJane Cavanagh, Rob Henderson
Play TestersChris Lipscombe, Mathew Sansam, Michael Wolliston, Robert Boone, Nick Ryan

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