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Lemmings Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Intro: Lemmings climbing up.
Intro: A lemming made it to the top.
Here we come!
The first few levels serve as a tutorial. The game tells you exactly what job to use to save the lemmings
Starting a level
Digger: can dig holes in the ground and fall through them
Level solved
Nice level with columns
Pink level
The faller creates a parachute that lets him survive long falls
Somebody needs to prevent the lemmings from going in wrong direction...
...and this somebody is the blocker
Miner: can dig tunnels
Crystal level
Basher: can bash through walls or anything else
Lava level
Seems pretty easy, but only one job does the trick...
...the builder, who can build bridges to cross dangerous areas
The first "independent" level, that you finally have to solve on your own
This tower shouldn't be much of a problem...
"Egyptian" level
Seems easy, but the solution is anything but obvious...
Two player mode.
Enter a password.
Watch out for the water below.
Make your way through the cave.
Pretty funky level design here.
Look out below!