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LHX: Attack Chopper Credits


Original Design byBrent Iverson
Original Programming byBrent Iverson
Adapted for the Sega Mega Drive byPaul Grace
Sega Mega Drive version Programmed byChris Ebert
Additional Programming byIan Clarke
ProducerPaul Grace
Assistant ProducerSteven Matulac
Technical DirectorScott Cronce
GraphicsConnie Braat, Cynthia Hamilton
Music/Sound EffectsMichael Bartlow
Product TestingSteve Imes
Quality AssurancePaul Armatta, Terrence Chin
Product ManagerFrank Gibeau
Package DesignE.J. Sarraille Design
Package IllustrationMark Edward McCandlish
DocumentationEric Lindstrom, R. J. Berg
Documentation LayoutColin Dodson
Documentation Layout (US)Robert Gin
Documentation IllustrationDonald Straka
Public RelationsNicole Noland
Manual QAClive Downie

Development Staff (Japanese manual credits)

ProgrammingHiroshi Ueda
GraphicsNorie Miura
Assistant ProducerMasahiko Yoshizawa
ProducerRay E. Nakazato

Japanese Staff (Japanese manual credits)

Technical DirectorHitoshi Akashi
Manual / Package DesignTakashi Uto, Seiichi Mitani, Hiroyuki Ishikawa (HIP)
Quality AssuranceSusumu Asano, Yasuhiro Suzuki, Ryutaro Hayase
TestingEiji Hirai, Noriaki Ogata, Tomohiro Shibuya, Yoshihiro Yamaguchi
Executive ProducerMasato Mizushima

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (187051) and Terok Nor (27332)