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GamePro (US) (Dec, 1995)
The story of this game is the aggressive A.I. which makes Madden '96 a must-have for true Madden pros. Just be prepared to get kicked all around the field.
You can't blame yourself for going back to this game. The whole package is here with Madden. The AI is definitely where it should be: hard as hell. Enhanced defense and offense makes this game. Because this title gets better and better, Madden should drink from the fountain of youth, so he can keep producing it.
Electric Playground (Nov 06, 1995)
Brilliant stuff EA! Thank God for Nomad, that's all I have to say. There is a limit to how much football one man can endure and over the past couple of weeks, I think I've reached that limit.
In Madden '96, it's how good you are at rapidly hitting the buttons and dodging obstacles that decides how good the player you create is. Also, you an now act as general manager; try your luck dealing with a salary cap. A great update of the classic because the all-important gameplay remains intact. Isn't that what it's all about?
Video Games (Dec, 1995)
Irgendwann ist auch mal das beste Spielprinzip ausgereizt, und man kann einfach nichts mehr verbessern. Soll man noch mal über 100 Mark hinlegen, nur weil diesmal die neuen Expansion-Teams mitspielen oder weil Steve Young jetzt realistischerweise mit links wirft?. Madden NFL ‘96 hinkt dem Vorgänger in nichts hinterher, es bietet aber auch nicht genügend neue Features, die den Kauf rechtfertigen würden. Damit mich keiner falsch versteht: Auch Madden NFL‘96 reiht sich würdig in die Serie erstklassiger Footballsimulationen von Elctronic Arts ein, doch es gibt wohl kaum einen Football-Fan, der nicht schon wenigstens ein Madden-Modul sein eigen nennt, und empfehlen kann ich die 96‘er Version nur für Neulinge.
Mega Fun (Dec, 1995)
Die restlichen Veränderungen sind marginaler Natur: kniende Ballannahme, linkshändige Quarterbacks und anderer Schnickschnack, der keinen interessieren dürfte. Bei der Technik - gerenderte Grafik, wo?! - machten die Grafiker keine Fortschritte. Die neue, flachergelegte Perspektive ist auch nicht sonderlich glücklich, da sich dadurch die Übersicht bei Paßspielen verschlechtert hat. Madden‘96 dürfte es daher schwer haben, neue Freunde zu gewinnen.
SuperGamePower (Jan, 1996)
Madden NFL '96 sai para o Mega e o SNes e mais uma vez vem renovado e provando ser o melhor jogo de futebol americano de todos os tempos.
80 (Jun 28, 2011)
However, If you know your Xs and Os and want to go back to a better time in the NFL, Madden NFL ’96 is a nice little snap shot of the NFL in the ’90s. Madden and Summerall made a great pair back then, like a Farley/Spade partnership. The two just weren’t the same without each other, and no other duo set the mood for watching football like they did in those days. Even though EA was reserving the fun gameplay for its college football games of the time, Madden NFL ’96 is quite playable for knowledgable football fans and definitely stands out from other Genesis football games in the music, sound, and graphics departments, a surprisingly high quality game for such a dirt cheap price. So stock up on Genesis football games and get ready for a long Fall.
The Video Game Critic (Jan 04, 2000)
Believe it or not, Madden '96 was step backwards for the series. Yes the fields look better than ever, with realistic-looking grass and end zone insignias. There are some cool new moves including laterals, fair catches, and over-to-top dives. But the gameplay is way too fast, making the game virtually unplayable! There are other flaws as well. This game brags that it is the first to feature left-handed quarterbacks. Yes, you can now control a left-handed Steve Young. But he's also African American, just like every other player in this game (including the kickers)! If you can overlook that, maybe you can also overlook the fact that tackled players look like squashed bugs. This may be the worst Madden game ever. How the mighty have fallen!

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