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Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators Credits

88 people (39 developers, 49 thanks)

Global Gladiators Credits

Published byVirgin Games, Inc. [''100% Pure Entertainment!'']
Programmed byDavid Perry ("I need more artists!")
Animation byMichael Francis Dietz ("Freedom")
Background Art byChristian Laursen ("Madonna Freak")
Music, Sound FX & Samples byTommy Tallarico ("Lytning" ["Imitated but never duplicated!"])
Game DesignerDavid Bishop ("The Bish Man")
Levels Design byWilliam Anderson ("On the Spot")
Additional Background Art byMichael A. Field ("Creepshow"), Stephen Crow (- E - B)
ArtistsShawn McLean ("The Fireman"), Clark Sorenson ("Salty"), Roger Hardy Jr. ("Ragman"), Tom Tanaka ("The Monkeyboy"), John Weir ("Lurch"), John Wong ("Rollerblade"), René Boutin ("Happy Happy"), Willis Wong ("Fudge Genius"), William Anderson
Sprite Engineered byTim Williams ("Screen Idle"), Douglas W. Cope ("The Dark Side")
FX TechnicianSteven S. Henifin ("Sample Scientist")
Manual byCatherine Anne Bartz-Todd ("Peel Out")
Manual Produced byLisa Marcinko ("Spotty")
Hardware BackupJeff Wagoner ("The Lan-Man")
SDDC™ Data CompressionDan Chang
Level Layout TooltUME™ Map Editor by Echidna
Testing and Quality ControlJoey Kuras ("The Original Dreamer"), Noah Tool ("The Power"), Justin Norr ("Time"), Danny Lewis ("Techno Man"), Michael S. Glosecki ("BigMike"), Eugene Martin ("007"), Michael Gater ("You shouldn't judge a man by his car"), Tim Williams ("Screen Idle")
Creative Art Direction byStan Gorman
Produced byDavid A. Luehmann ("Noble")
Vice President in Charge of DevelopmentStephen Clarke-Willson ("You can tell me, I'm a Doctor")
Special Thanks toMartin Alper ("Mercedes™"), Lyle J. Hall ("E-Smiley"), John Alvarado ("Little John"), Donna Atkinson ("Wonder Woman"), Tony Berendes ("Killer Virgin"), Julie del Rey ("Good Eye"), Steve Duesbury ("It's almost approved"), Matthew From ("Snasm"), Susan Gater ("Compulsively Organized"), Rachel Giardina ("Color-Coordinated"), Cheryl Gleason ("G'Day"), Keith Greer ("We Love him, he signs our checks"), Pat Guildin ("Lovely"), Brad Hartke ("Nobody Loves Me"), Justin Heber ("The Contract Man"), Pete Henseler ("I'll call you later"), Steve Heimstra ("The Spa"), Clunies Holt ("Shiny Jacket"), Gregg Tavares ("The Wiz"), Steve Jasper ("Cookie"), Scott Johnson ("They love it"), Cherylyn Jones ("C.J."), Kristen Kaa ("Voodoo Priestess"), Robin Kausch ("White Sox"), Stuart Kaye ("A deal's a deal"), Mark W. J. Kelly ("Och-eye"), Judy Leon ("Honey"), Donna MacNaughton ("Smacky"), Gail MacNaughton ("Little 'm"), Gail's Boyfriend, Seth Mendelsohn ("The Company Cynic"), Anthony J. Mesaros ("Zippaty Doo Dah"), Kevin Norr ("Cule"), Mary Pelascini ("Transferring"), Bert Pelascini ("Da Coach"), Lauren Rifkin ("You want it WHEN?!"), Edward Schofield ("You have a call holding"), Lin Shen ("Mimi"), Mike Simpson ("Blackie"), Daniel Small ("It's just like NO WAY, man"), Son T. Ton ("Techno"), Gustavo Villa ("G-Man"), Silas S. Warner ("Wolfenstein"), Robert Wright ("No relation to Orville"), Erik Yeo ("Letter Box Edition"), and Flea & Sarcoptic Mangy Mite Ridden Virgil The Furball Cat.
An Extra Special Thanks toThe guy who fills up the candy vending machine in the corridor, without whom all this would not have been possible.
Thanks also toDoug's Great, Great, Great Grand Pa who supplied the ''Real'' anvil sampled in the bonus level.
.©1992 McDonald's Corporation., The following are trademarks of McDonald's Corporation: The Golden Arch, Ronald McDonald, Global Gladiators and Mick and Mack., ©1992 Virgin Games Inc., Virgin is a registered trademark of Virgin Enterprises Ltd.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rik Hideto (471358) and Sciere (816153)

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