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Mickey's Ultimate Challenge Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen.
Character selection.
Difficulty selection.
Intro cutscene, Minnie goes to sleep, wondering what it would be like to live in a magic castle...
Minnie awakens in a strange kingdom.
Minnie finds her first friend, who'll ask her help.
Minnie's first puzzle: to order the books alphabetically, jumping over the right letters in the right order.
Minnie gains a magic book for completing the task.
Minnie finds Donald testing a new shrinking spell.
As she gets shrunk, Minnie has to push potion flasks into the magic mirror, so Donald can use the potions to make a powder and bring her back to normal.
Minnie then gains a pair of eyeglasses.
Daisy needs help with the royal paintings.
Minnie cleans the paintings in a memory game.
Minnie gains a bar of gold.
Minnie must fix the draw-bridge.
To fix the draw-bridge, she plays a "Simon Says" game.
Minnie gains a crystal slipper.
Goofy will ask Minnie to guess what tools he has in his tool box.
In this puzzle, Minnie must guess what tools and in which order they are placed in the tool box.
Minnie gains Goofy's mallet.
By trading the items she gained with the right characters, Minnie gains some magic beans... what would those magic beans do? She wonders...