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The Miracle Piano Teaching System Credits (Genesis)

The Miracle Piano Teaching System Genesis Title screen.


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The Miracle Piano Teaching System Credits

The Miracle Piano Teaching System

Project DirectorsJon Mandel, Henrik Markarian
Knowledge EngineeringGary Davenport, Michael E. Duffy, Jon Mandel, Norman Worthington
Software EngineeringAndrew Iverson, John Krause, Donald W. Laabs, Mark Manyen, Henrik Markarian, Peter Stone
Music Adaptation and Original MusicFred Werner
Music TranscriptionDebbra Freeman, Zareh Gorjian, Thomas Munsell, Ralf Schipke, Jake Smith
Graphic DesignAndrew Iverson, Louis Johnson, Elizabeth Scafati, Peter Stone

The Miracle Keyboard

Project DirectorChuck Monte
Hardware EngineeringMichael Collins, John Dirkson, Anne Graham, Ray Livingston, Shaul Mashiah, Paul White
Sound DesignDrew Neumann
Material AcquisitionJoe Busterna

Genesis Software Development

Project DirectorDavid Ross
Software EngineeringDavid Ross, John Lewis Guymon Jr., Scott Pugh, Kenneth Moore, Arti Haroutunian

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65820)