Advertising Blurbs

Back of Mutant League Football poster:

    Football with a violent sci-fi twist. The most awesome players in the galaxy - monsters, aliens robots and mutants - slug it out to find out which team's the best. For 1 or 2 players.

    Contributed by RKL (5734) on Sep 12, 2003.

Back of Box:
    The glory goes to the gory!"

    Anything can happen when the most awesome mutants battle to prove who rules the galactic gridiron.

    "The wildest, goriest football game ever!" EGM

    "One of the funniest, most outrageous games in years!" Gamepro

    Slide the ref some dough; he may call penalties for vomiting, crying or jaywalking!
    Pick from over 50 plays, like the Deathbone and Blitzkrieg
    If Mo and Spew Puke don't kill you, the field might - there's 19 unique ones to choose from.

    Cool Mutant Features
    * 16 vicious teams of aliens, robots, trolls, skeletons and super-humans.
    * Set the "Death Index" from Rough all the way to Annihilation.
    * Call wild plays or nasty audibles - when the QB throws a bomb, it's the real thing!
    * Watch instant replays to see where the body parts land.
    * Throw T-N-T at the halftime marching band

    Contributed by RKL (5734) on Sep 12, 2003.