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NBA Live 95 Credits (Genesis)

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NBA Live 95 Credits


Lead ProgrammerAmory Wong ('Iceman')
ProgrammingMike Kiernan, Brian Krause
Additional ProgrammingAllan Johanson, Daniel Ng, Leonard J. Paul
Art DirectionMike S. Smith
GraphicsTony Lee, Darrell Olthuis, Cindy Green, Ken Thurston
AnimationTony Lee, Darrell Olthuis, Cindy Green, Ken Thurston
Additional GraphicsGregory Allen, David Laviolette
SoundTraz Damji
MusicTraz Damji
Sound TechnologyKevin P. Pickell
Additional MusicBrian Shaw
Asst. ProducerTarrnie Williams
DesignTarrnie Williams
Additional DesignSteve Cartwright, Dave Warfield
Executive ProducerSam Nelson
Associate ProducerStanley Chow
Development DirectorIvan Allan
Lead TesterJustin Cooney
Product Marketing MgrGlenn Chin
Package DesignE.J. Sarraille Design Group
Package Art DirectionNancy Waisanen
DocumentationDavid C. Lee
Documentation LayoutBrian Conery
Additional TestingDoug Guest, Alistair Sutherland, Burton Tam, Ryan Kluczynski
Quality AssuranceJonathan Harris, Stewart Putney, Zachary Rosen
NBA Electronics DirectorGreg Lassen
Special Thanks ToGary Gettys, Jay Triano, Scott Clark, Steve Anderson ("Biggs"), Ted Murray, Amanda Mulholland, Andrew Steinfeld, Sean Ramjagsingh, Nikola Hanson, Bret Anderson, Chris Pershick, Renata Antonic, A. J. Wong, Adam Bellin, Ronny Schreinzer, Sven Dohrow, YOU for reading all the credits!

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (192803), Terok Nor (27398) and formercontrib (159145)