Out of This World Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

Lester at his holographic workstation in the intro cutscene.
Lightning strikes the laboratory on that fateful night, interfering with the particle accelerator and transporting Lester to... another world.
European title of the Genesis version
Lester's diary. Added for SNES and Genesis versions. I think it looks better in SNES version (see my screenshot of it),
Enter your MobyGames user name and password
Pause. Right. Very useful in a game like this one
Low-resolution, what to say. Looks kinda crappy compared to PC version
The aliens must have spared on electricity. Still, you must locate a switch, although you can barely see yourself here
You opened the cages and released the wild beasts. Nice, Lester!
The only creature who won't attack you in this world. Don't even think of shooting him!
Lester protects himself with an energy shield during a gunfight with an alien guard.
The alien cityscape, as seen through a window at the top of the prison block.
Lester finally locates a recharging unit for his weapon.
Title screen (U. S. version)