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atari kombinera

Predator 2 Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Wow, are we going to watch a movie?!
Title screen with rotating shapes
Options menu. The difficulty levels are very precise
A scene from the movie appears at the beginning of each level!
Somebody is shouting "help!", now what do we do?
You are cornered, outnumbered, and killed
So many people are chasing me! I attempt to enter the sewers. Better live with alligators than with those guys!
You just blew up a car, but the explosion was too much for your gentle nerves. Game over.
To add insult to injury, this is what you see after you've failed
High scores screen
Are you ready for some roof-hopping?
The red arrow tells you where the hostages are
The pesky helicopter is shooting at you
The gradual death animation of the hero
I always knew taxi drivers were evil people
Kill this biker before he runs over you!
Subway level
Those bastards, they made the hostages work as ticket sellers! Unbelievable!
This is a boss enemy. Use the following subtle strategy: kill him before he kills you
Password entry screen
Final stage - the alien ship
The alien ship is crawling with predators -- who would walk there in their right mind?