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Premier Manager 97 Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
From where the destiny of the team will be managed. Cambridge Utd. is a good pick for beginners...
Cambridge Utd. has got a top rated goalkeeper, good midfielders and a good striker.
The tactics screen. Selecting them according to the opposition and to the players available is a must.
Scouting screen. As can be seen from here, Cambridge is much a better team than Torquay, starting with a "superb" goalkeeper.
The transfer market. While it is possible to snatch players from the division right above, it will take a while before world class players will join you.
Of course, to make room for new players, the old ones must be sold first. There's a strict 20 player limit, so choose the squad wisely.
Stadium improvements. If you are planning on getting promoted, top divisions will require more facilities such as better floodlights and no terraces.
The job centre is crucial. A good trainer will get the most from your players, a physio reduce injury time, a scout search for better deals and a youth team manager to find the next Ronaldinho.
Adboards provide a steady income of cash.
Now, here is the match underway.
Barrett makes yet another magnificent save!
As they say, "Always out shot, never outscored".
You can choose any division 3 team.
FA Cup draw - the game starts it from round 2.
Lots of advertising is meta-referential or self-promoting.
Choose which divisions to see reports from.
One of the available players for transfer.
The multi-stage bidding procedure
Do you have to play Paul Linger?
Selling: the drama
Send the scout out to find a set style of player.
Set some third-rate player named after a Gremlin employee this way.
League table
Exeter City's squad information.
A big car park is a luxury, but ideal once your attendance rises.
Pre-match screen
Preparing to shoot in the in-match animation sequence.
This shot goes wide.
The stern-looking referee books a player from the home team.
The result of a shot
Match rundown
Half-time substitition options
Player performances so far
The blue bar represents an injured player.
A six-goal thriller
Transfer news
The scout's initial findings