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Advertising Blurbs

Back Covers - Genesis, Playstation, Jaguar & Saturn:

    Urthshaking Carnage!

    Select one of seven ferocious dinosaurs, then pound your opponents into submission as you battle for Urth Domination. Blizzard's Freeze Breath and Ice Geyser fighting moves stop you cold just before his Mega Punch hammers you senseless. Diabol's Inferno Flash cooks up a firestorm in one dino-barbecuing breath, and the foul, disgusting Chaos dazes you with an abundant supply of Power Puke, Farts of Fury, and Flying Butt Slams.

    Armadon's Gut Gouger and Gut Fling, Sauron's Cranium Crusher, Talon's Face Ripper, and Shredding and Vertigo's Scorpion Sting - every original arcade fighting and fatality move is at your fingertips! Get Ready to Rage!

  • Plays just like the arcade game.
  • Produced using stop-frame animation for life-like movement in fighting.
  • Each player has unique fighting moves such as the Mega Punch, Flying Spikes and Jugular Bite.
  • Spontaneous Punch combos: For heavy damage and quick kills!
  • Grueling, long-lasting endurance and Tug-of-War game modes.
  • All new, animated cinematic opening and victory sequence.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76469) on Aug 10, 2003.

Back Cover - DOS:


    Seven gods break loose from suspended animation when a great meteor strikes Earth in the near future. Some humans survive, but only to worship the gods. The world as we know it has been wiped out. The gods are angry. It's head-to-head combat for total domination of the new Urth!

  • All of the brutal action and spectacular graphics from the #1 arcade game.
  • Produced using Hollywood stop-motion animation and high-resolution rendered backgrounds and unsurpassed realism
  • Each creature has a unique fighting style, plus a complete arsenal of special moves, like "Gut Gouger", "Cranium Crusher", "Hot Foot", "Flying Butt Slam", and "Scorpion Sting"
  • Your own tribal worshippers to enslave and eat
  • Hidden games: volleyball, bowling, skydiving
  • One and two-player modes.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76469) on Aug 10, 2003.