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Radical Rex Credits (Genesis)

Radical Rex Genesis Title screen


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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Radical Rex Credits


Produced for Activision byTom Sloper
Director of Quality AssuranceJon Doellstedt
Testing byDustin Sorenson, Abraham Heward, Ken Ramirez, Brian Clarke, Michael Schneider
Director of DocumentationMichael Rivera
Player's guide written byVeronica Milito
Package byTDC Group
Rad Rex Illustration byChris Dellorco

Special Thanks to

Special Thanks toAlan Gershenfeld, Mike Schwartz, Trish Wright
Laserbeam Development TeamAlfred Milgrom, Adam Lancman, Sue Anderson, Simon Dyer, Rod Richards, Paul Baulch, Peter Litwiniuk, Graeme Webb, Andrew Harvey, Andrew Scott, Damian Borg, Joe Rimmer, Ian Malcolm, Natasha Power, Craig Duturbure, Marshall Parker, Cameron Brown, Shane Collier, Steven Scott, Gary Ireland

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