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Advertising Blurbs

Advert in Commodore Format (Issue 27 Dec 92 p9) – UK:

    "It's Medi-EVIL!.."

    Combining the best of strategy puzzle games with dynamic action in a medieval battleground, Rampart allows multiplayer competition in a race against the clock. So fortify your castles, place your cannons and prepare for all out battle!

    Available on: Amiga • Atari ST
    CBM 64 Cass • CBM 64 Disc


    Contributed by FatherJack (62754) on Feb 07, 2015.

Back of Box - SNES:


    Buccaneers lurk offshore and bombard your stronghold. Even as you retaliate, your walls collapse in fire and splintered stone. Repair your fortress in time to repel the next onslaught. Blast through the classic arcade hit or take on new SUPER RAMPART with hot new levels and more devastating weaponry!

  • Enemy Bosses
  • Bonus Rounds
  • More Powerful Artillery
  • Over 15 New Scrolling Battlefields

    Challenge a friend and devastate his fortress with cannonfire. Send ground troops to scale his walls and conquer his empire!

    Piece together stone blocks to build an impenetrable castle. Place the pieces wisely because in 30 seconds the battle begins again!

    The siege begins! Destroy the invading fleet with cannonballs before your castle crumbles under the onslaught of enemy fire.

    Show no mercy! Force defeated enemies off the plank for a quick dunk in the ocean. Bring them back on board and battle again!

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69317) on Sep 22, 2006. – Game Boy Color:
    "Strategy" and "arcade" are not words you normally find in the same sentence, but Atari had a solid success years ago with this coin-op castle-and-cannon game.

    You build a fort, stock it with cannon and blast away at attacking galleys. Between rounds, you rebuild castle walls and post more cannon as quickly as possible. The more land you can enclose with ramparts, the more cannon you get.

    In single-player mode, Rampart offers five difficulty levels and provides hints. Your castle is color-coded red or blue.

    When playing head-to-head via a Game Link Cable, there are no enemy fleets. Instead, you pound away at your rival's castle in a match lasting five to 15 rounds. Rebuilding is tougher if you spray your fire around your enemy's ramparts, rather than concentrating on one location.

    In both modes, the CPU gives you different-shaped pieces for rebuilding your walls. Initially, the pieces are mostly straight or L-shaped pieces. As a match advances, though, the CPU throws up odd-shaped pieces, such as plus signs. Placing them wisely takes Tetris-like puzzle mastery.

    The play control involved in aiming and firing your cannon and rebuilding your fortifications is straightforward. Simple, colorful graphics make it easy to track the action. Altogether, Rampart is a fun blend of frenetic action and old-fashioned strategizing.

    Rampart is compatible only with Game Boy Color. It will not work with Game Boy pocket or classic Game Boy.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65826) on Jun 17, 2005.

Back Cover - Lynx:
    Your castle and your lands are under siege! Enemy hoards attack by land while seaborne invaders bombard your castle walls with cannon fire. Somehow, you must defend your realm. But it won't be over until you conquer your enemies and regain all the land for yourself.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76503) on Aug 07, 2003.

Back of box - Game Boy Color:
    Defend Yourself!

    The classic combination strategy/puzzle game is guaranteed to be addictive! First, you must build walls around your towers using pieces that fill the spaces, Then, place cannons within the castle walls in preparation for the all-out war that is to follow! Compete against the computer or challenge another player to the lighting-fast action of Rampart!

  • Unique combination of puzzles and strategy!

  • 1 or2 players via Game Link cable!

  • Thrilling head-to-head competition!

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69317) on Sep 06, 2002.