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R.B.I. Baseball '94 Credits (Genesis)

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R.B.I. Baseball '94 Credits


Project LeaderRichard L. Seaborne
ProgrammingRichard L. Seaborne, May Yam, Doug Coward, Michael Alexander
DesignMichael Klug
Sound and MusicDoug Brandon, Earl Vickers
Graphics and AnimationFred Andrews, Jose Erazo, Doug Gray, Manuel Laguatan, Jules Marino
VoicesJack Buck, Walter Fields
Special ThanksJohn Arvay, Robert Boone, Mike Kruse, Steve Calfee, Bill Hindorff, Dave Portera, Rob Rowe
ActorsMark A. Gutierrez, Will Manion, Steven Payne, Jerry Payne
Manual Written byMichael Klug

Extra Special Thanks (ROM text)

Extra Special Thanks from DougMy Wife, Sheila, My Children, My Coffee Mug
Extra Special Thanks from RichardMy Wife, Alison, My Daughter, Amanda, My Cats, Decker and Daisy
Extra Special Thanks from MayMy Mum and Dad, Margaret and Lloyd, My Sister, Teresa, My Best Friend, Eun Joo

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