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The Ren & Stimpy Show: Stimpy's Invention Credits

44 people (35 developers, 9 thanks)


Project CoordinatorJennifer Haney
Product ManagerFrance M. Tantiado
Produced ByJesse Taylor
Lead ProgrammersScott LaFollette, Barbara Michalec, Ronald Thompson (credited as Ron Thomson)
Programming TeamRichard Karpp, Karl Robillard, Keith Freiheit, Scott LaFollette
Art DirectorDana Christianson
Lead DesignerJerry Huber
Art TeamMarty Davis, Jeff Jonas, Geoffrey Knobel, Mark Lorenzen, Tom Moon, John Roy, Rick Schmitz, Joe Shoopack, Douglas TenNapel
Sound & MusicSam Powell
Lead TesterBen Szymkowiak
TestersBlair Bullock, Janine Cook, Jason Epps, Alex Fairchild, Julio Martinez, Heather Meigs, Bill Person, Conan Tigard
Special Thanks toKaryn Mason, Sharie Lynn, Dominique Adevereaux, Clint Dyer, Trish Dunne, Clyde Grossman, George Kiss, Stephen Patterson, Mike Tyau
ManualCarol Ann Hanshaw
LicensingDonna L. Friedman, Nickelodeon
Developed by BlueSky Software

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (328960) and monkeyislandgirl (8698)

antstream tournament