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AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.6
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.5
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.3
Overall User Score (13 votes) 3.6

Critic Reviews

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GamePro (US) (Apr, 1995)
With it's greatly expanded features, RR 3 has enough depth to keep your pedal to the metal. Experienced rashers will delight in mastering these bikes and battling on the challenging new tracks. If you've never rashed before, grab a crowbar and toe the line!
FLUX (Oct, 1994)
If your Genesis library is still without a copy of Road Rash, then Road Rash 3 is an essential buy, particularly if you like racing games with a generous helping of violence. But if you already own the first two and don't feel that a few minor improvements are worth the $50 you could spend on another cart, then think twice.
Consoles Plus (Apr, 1995)
S'il n'est guère novateur, ce Road Rash 3 fait passer un très bon moment. Que ceux qui ne connaissent pas se jettent dessus.
Sega Force (Jun 20, 1995)
Som helhet får Road Rash 3 med beröm godkänt, även om det inte ger någon total nyhetskänsla om man spelat de tidigare två spelen. Har man inte spelat de andra två motorcykel-ös-spelen är detta en riktig höjdare.
Retro Spirit Games (Sep 18, 2013)
This third title also changed the look of the game quite drastically, with digitised sprites instead of the more cartoony hand-drawn sprites of the first two games - personally, I prefer the look of Road Rash II, but the locales you race across in Tour De Force are more varied and visually appealing. Additional touches include keeping your weapon after a race finishes (something missing from the previous installments), police cars as well as bikes, and ramps that send you flying into the air (this time attached to your ride). It is also worth noting that RR3 was the final game to feature rear view mirrors - from now on the series would use a 'look behind' button instead.
The Video Game Critic (May 10, 2003)
I do like how your opponent's bike stays up momentarily after you knock him clean off of it, and it's always fun to crash just before the finish line and fly over it without your bike. The controls seem slightly more responsive than RR2, and police now come on motorcycles, patrol cars, AND helicopters. One area in which Road Rash 3 falters is in combat, despite the fact that there are now seven weapons. Unlike the first Road Rash, it's really difficult to get a clean shot at other riders. Another problem is the music. These uninspired tunes sound like leftovers from previous editions. Road Rash 3 is still good, but it can't top the original.
Mean Machines (Mar, 1995)
It's still ticking over, but this is one engine that needs to be stripped down next time, and not just overhauled.
80 (Dec 31, 2007)
Road Rash 3 was a great title to end the series on the Genesis. It's got the same exhilarating gameplay with more features, new locations, unique graphics, and all the violence you've come to expect from the Road Rash series. It doesn't take itself too seriously and it all about fun. It's up for debate which is the best in the series but undeniable that this game is one of the best 16-bit racing games. If you're a fan of Road Rash, racing games in general, or hilarious mindless violence, you're doing yourself a huge disservice by not having this title in your collection.
Road Rash 3 is an improvement graphically over Road Rash and Road Rash 2 and there are new weapons and features. But the play mechanics are so similar that if you've already got at least one of the first two games, you may want to hold off on buying this game unless you are a total Road Rash fanatic and get goose bumps just thinking about the subtle differences among the three games. Owners of the Sony PlayStation may want to check out Road Rash 3D for a different take on this popular series.
Play Time (Mar, 1995)
Beim 95er Update von EAs wilder Bikerhatz fallen vorrangig der wesentlich höhere Schwierigkeitsgrad und das nach mehr auf Action ausgelegte Spielprinzip auf. Der Rest fällt unter die Rubrik Feintuning: komplett neue Grafiken bei den Strecken, mehr Waffen, Upgrades für die Bikes - mehr Schein als Sein. Trotzdem bleibt diese “Einfach-Simulation“, hauptsächlich wegen ihrer ausgereiften Steuerung, weiterhin im 16 Bit-Bereich die unangefochtene Nr. 1!
Mega Fun (Feb, 1995)
Sicherlich ist es kein leichtes Unterfangen, die Framerate und detaillierte Grafik unter einen Hut zu bringen, aber etwas mehr wäre bei dem Sequel zu dem bereits im Dezember ‘92 erschienenen Road Rash II schon möglich gewesen, denn nur mit den teilweise recht grobpixelig konvertierten Objekten der 3DO-Version ist es nun mal nicht getan; und die FX sind für ein 16 M Bit-Modul geradezu erbärmlich. Genug gescholten, denn das eigentliche Spiel ist nämlich wirklich gut. Der 3D-Effekt kommt sehr überzeugend und übersichtlich rüber, das (vereinfachte) Fahrverhalten geht durchaus in Ordnung, und der Tuning-Shop sowie die deutlich intelligenteren Computergegner sorgen für ausreichend Langzeitmotivation. Road Rash 3 stellt nach wie vor das beste 16-Bit Motorradrennen dar, auch wenn man für einen ‘95er Remix, zugegebenermaßen, noch einiges mehr hätte erwarten können.
Game Players (Apr, 1995)
So buy it if you don't have a previous version, but otherwise stay clear. And c'mon us something really new, won't ya?
Video Games (Feb, 1995)
Road Flash 3 bekommt nur deshalb ein ‘Gnaden‘-Gut weil das spaßige Ras-Prügel-Rezept mit der Jagd auf bessere Bikes seinen Reiz noch nicht verloren hat. Mit Teil eins seid Ihr aber aufgrund der besseren Akustik und des weit günstigeren Preises besser beraten!
70 (Jan 13, 2014)
If you have a Sega Genesis and can find any of the first three games in the series, I highly recommend you give it a look if you’ve never tried them out before. But if you have to choose between one of them, go with Road Rash 3. It’s not touted as the best one in the series, but it has more to offer in way of variety than the first two.
If you've never played a Road Rash game, what are you waiting for? For fans of the series, this is the best one yet.
Score (Apr, 1995)
Myslím, že hráči Road Rash 3 se po jejím zahrání rychle rozdělí do dvou skupin. Ti první vám budou tvrdit: "Jé, to všechno už tu bylo a Sega z nás jenom tahá další peníze". Ale ti druzí, kteří si všimnou novinek a náležitě je ocení, hru určitě pochválí.