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Shadowrun Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Shadowrun's Sega screen
Shadowrun's title screen
Choose to be a Street Samurai...
or a Decker...
or a Shaman
Opening cinematic - Over Seattle
Opening Cinematic - Surprise Ambush
Running in Seattle
Running in Redmond Barrens
Meeting Mr. Johnson
Running in Renraku Archology
Cybercombat against regular ICE
Cybercombat against Black Ice
Need a lift, Chummer?
Infiltrating Lone Star security
Hiring some extra muscle
Overview of your character
The RPG Attributes Screen
Choosing a gun
Outfitting your Cyberdeck
Computer systems can be filled with different nodes. Here's a map of one system obtained by accessing the CPU
The Amerindian lands of Silish-Shidhe provide a nice change, but their own wild creatures
Random events offer different choices, all which could be the "right one" to give you the advantage.
Lava filled caves in the depths of the Silish-Shidhe lands
An encounter with most characters will provide a detailed text description
Whenever a full screen image comes up, you know that something important is advancing the plot
A ghoul-infested cave - there are several of those in the game, used for a generic Johnson's shadowrun mission type
A deadly shoot-out on Council Island
This is the "world map", appearing when you call a taxi
Upscale bar in Downtown Seattle. Looks like we've found a new friend!..
A poor district at the outskirts of the city