Easter egg

The event date given in the opening cinematic (January 31) is the birthdate of the game's producer/designer Tony Van.


On "Extraction" missions, in which you must help a person escape from a company they no longer wish to work for, sometimes the name of the person you must extract is Alan Turing. (This is true for the Genesis version of the game only.) Alan Turing was a legendary real-world pioneer in the field of computer science around the time of World War II. In more recent times, he was notably fictionalized in Neal Stephenson's novel Cryptonomicon.


Some of the bars in the game have a German rave style music track with a voice sample that says "schattenlauf." This loosely translated from German is "Shadowrun."

SNES version

Sega sub-licenced the Shadowrun IP from Data East. Due to a number of factors, the Genesis version was completely different from Data East's SNES version and contrary to the popular belief is not a sequel.

Information also contributed by Adam Luoranen

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