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Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye Credits


Developed byBrian A. Rice Inc.
ProducerTom Sloper
ProgrammingRobert M. Birmingham, Brian A. Rice
Art DirectionGlenn Leszczak, Angelia Lesczcak (Assisted by)
Graphics & AnimationDave Pasciuto, Jeffrey P. Lee, Paul Lempke, Mark D. Waterman, Tom Brophy, Pascal Saint Clair, Tom Sloper, Joseph Asperin, Bill Ahrens, Alexander Story ('Lex'), Christian Campbell
Project ManagementGlenn Leszczak, Robert M. Birmingham
Original DesignBrodie Lockard
Additional DesignTom Sloper, Glenn Leszczak, Robert M. Birmingham, Michael E. Moore, Kelly Flock, Alan Gershenfeld, Peter Doctorow
Art & Animation Technical ProductionGlenn Leszczak, Dave Pasciuto, Clifford Falls, Charles Wiltgen
Music and Sound EffectsClifford Falls, Rolf Weber, Ed Horn, Ron Rydin
Special Thanks ToPaul Kohler
Quality AssuranceKelly Walker Rogers, Christian Campbell, Bugbusters, Ron Rydin, Abraham Heward, Ethelred Garcia, Ben Kishaba, Dustin Sorenson, Dale Pobirk
Mah‑Jongg Tile Set ©1989 Brodie Lockard

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (185577) and monkeyislandgirl (8700)