Written by  :  J. G. (7)
Written on  :  Mar 27, 2005
Platform  :  Genesis

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What the Genesis was about...

The Good

It's crisp, it's fast and it's sharp. The controls, the Genesis' strong point at the time, are a breeze. You can make your character on the screen hop around, bounce against walls and perform mid-air flips while throwing shurikens without a pain.

Great! The gameplay? Flawless.

Different levels, different enemies with different attack patterns. Very little repetition. Your character can perform "kias" that'll wipe everything off the screen, he can ride a horse and is surf-savvy too.

But above everything else... it's fast!

The Bad

Nothing I can think of. Well... the sound is what you'd expect from a Genesis game: It's all "Shwoof" and "Pwoof" (If you've ever owned a Genesis, you know what I mean.)

Besides that, there's nothing to complain about. The game is very well balanced. Not too hard, not too easy.

The Bottom Line

It's basically pure Genesis-bliss: It's fast, looks good and leaves your gamepad all sweaty.

When you're a kid, you're very dogmatic about the selection of games you rent. This one I wanted to rent all the time. I play it today and remember why I did.