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Genesis version

Title screen.
Registering your name.
The game rules.
Today's highest scores (none by that time).
Here we go to the R$ 1,000 question.
This is the question screen. You have to choose the right answer among the 4 alternatives. In this first question, your only option is to answer.
The 5,000 question: who's the English rock band Queen's famous vocalist?
If you're in doubt, you can ask for help. That help can be given by the cards, by the (in this case, simulated) other players or by the show's guests. You can also skip questions up to three times.
If you choose the cards help, you'll have to pick one of four cards (K, A, 2 and 3). In this case, I took 2, which means that two wrong options will be removed.
If you choose the guest's help, the three guests will take their guesses on the answer, and you can go by their guesses or not.
If you choose the other players help, a screen showing the percentage of players guessing each answer will appear.
And now, the 1 million question!
Can you believe you waited this long for such an easy question? "Which of these religions isn't monotheist? (1)Islamism, (2)Judaism, (3)Hinduism, or (4)Christianism?
Congratulations MobyGame (I could only enter 8 letters), you've just won a million Reais!