Sonic the Hedgehog Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

The title screen
Sonic's pretty fast for a hedgehog...
Gravity? What's that? I don't need no stinkin' gravity!
First stage completed
This is a Special Stage; that glittering gem up there is a Chaos Emerald. There's 6 of them in the game.
Dr. Eggman!
After this shot, Sonic just HAD to do the Highlander joke..."There can BE...only ONE, Dr. Eggman!"
Destroying one of Eggman's capsules will free a bunch of animals.
A nice tour of the Marble Zone...Sonic decides to stop for a sec and enjoy the scenery.
Wait for that pillar to rise...
Let's see what happens if I push this block...
Time to hold your breath!
A bonus level
Beware the spikes!
Over hot lava
Jump on the tree.
Hot lava.
Strange lift.
Oops! I haven't any rings!
Moving platforms.