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User Reviews

There are no reviews for the Genesis release of this game. You can use the links below to write your own review or read reviews for the other platforms of this game.

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.5
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.3
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.1
Overall User Score (20 votes) 3.4

Critic Reviews

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Graphically, the game is a joy to behold. Detailed sprites, smart backgrounds and some nice special effects all add up to a veritable visual feast. The sound doesn't quite match up to the standard of the graphics, but it still includes some lovely samples and tunes. The options are comprehensive to say the least, with different combinations of teams, players and equipment available. All in all, the best sports sim available on the Megadrive and an essential purchase.
Sega Force (Nov, 1992)
Sådana som bara SKA bli bäst kan ha roligt länge med Speedball 2, men roligast är det att mosa sina vänner, förnedra grannarna och köra häcken av familjemedlemmarna. Grafiken är av hög klass, ljudet är bra och spelet flyter. En klassiker, kort och gott!
Supersonic (Nov, 1992)
Un jeu qui reste d'actualité.
Sega Force (UK) (Jan, 1992)
Speedball 2 was a massive hit on the Amiga and this superb conversion should see Mega Drivers hip-deep in blood too. Matches are short, fast and very exciting. They may not have the tactical depth of Kick Off with all its formations and intricate passing, but a more involved management game helps compensate.
Zero (Sep, 1992)
I'd say that it passes the 'successful game equation' with flying colours. It's as involved or as transitory as you want it to be, with Action all the way. We can express it this way: I/T*A = Top Marks.
Mean Machines (Feb, 1992)
Speedball 2 is one of the finest Amiga games I've ever played, and apart from minor sonic differences, this Megadrive version is exactly the same. All the fun of beating up a legion of enemy players and scoring a goal after gratuitously assaulting the goalie has you playing on your 16-bir machine for ages! I also like the way that scoring points isn't solely reliant on getting the ball past the opposing goalie. All of the score multiplying and star-spangling makes for some exciting action in the mid-field area as well as at each end. The graphics and sound are good, serving their purpose well, and with all of the different game options, there's tons here to be getting on with. As fast-action violent games go, Speedball 2 is excellent, with only EA Ice Hockey beating it in the entertainment stakes.
Wem es bei SPEEDBALL 2 nicht zu hart zur Sache geht, der kann solche Szenen nun auch auf dem MEGA DRIVE hautnah nacherleben — in allerhöchster Qualität. MIRRORSOFT hat sich bei dieser Umsetzung, die sich genausogut wie auf dem Amiga spielt und sich durch dieselbe flotte Grafik auszeichnet, redlich Mühe gegeben. Die gleichen Spielmodi sorgen für spielerische Kurzweil, was will man mehr?
GamePro (US) (Nov, 1991)
Speedball 2 is the class of the Heavy Metal Sports league even though it should have some sort of "entire field" view that would enable you to develop goal-to-goal strategies. However, if you don't want to spend the time to manage your team look elsewhere. Speedball plays hardball all the way.
Power Play (Feb, 1992)
"Speedball 2" bietet härteste Actionkost und massig Spielspaß à la Bitmap Brothers. Grafik und Sound sehen gegenüber dem Original zwar eine Idee abgespeckter aus, lindern aber den prachtvollen Brutalo-Spaß nicht die Bohne. Nach anfänglicher Hektik und Frustration motiviert Speedball 2, dank Paßwortsystem, ungemein. Für Sportfans, die gern harte Spielchen knacken, empfehlenswert.
1UP! (Dec 12, 2010)
Il y a là deux extrêmes dans le game design de Speedball 2. D'un côté, ce moyen standard de marquer facilement à tous les coups, de l'autre, une agressivité surhumaine de la part de l'ordinateur. Le second semble là pour corriger tant bien que mal le premier. Et cela conduit à une conclusion d'une sévérité foudroyante mais incontournable: le game design est fondamentalement défectueux; les règles mêmes du sport ne fonctionnent pas. Oui, on peut s'amuser, on s'y est amusé et on s'y amusera encore, mais il n'y a pas de véritable technique sportive derrière. Ce que l'on fait, c'est simplement suivre un mode opératoire. On ramasse les jetons, on active le multiplicateur, on électrifie la balle et on l'envoie dans les buts, en évitant tant bien que mal le rouleau compresseur en face. C'est une logique de jeu vidéo, que cette conversion Mega Drive, par sa difficulté, rend plus évidente encore.
70 (May 26, 2008)
Speedball 2 is a fine example how a lazy port can really drag down a great premise. The gameplay is still fun, but too few options, dull graphics, and the especially horrible music and sound effects really ruin the experience. It's kind of like putting a star quarterback in a team full of second-rate college footballers: He may deliver a great solo effort, but he alone can't win the game against other pro-teams. If you're able to look past the slipshod presentation and are only looking for a few fast games, then it's definitely worth your while. The fast gameplay is truly gripping, and few things are more satisfying than turning around an almost-lost game by scoring a goal in the last few seconds.
Video Games (Oct, 1992)
Auf dem Homecomputer Amiga war Speedball eines der besten Sportspiele: Schnell, hart und erbarmungslos. Die Fortsetzung auf dem Mega Drive hätte jedoch eher den Namen "Slowball" verdient, denn das vertikale Scrolling bewegt sich nahezu in Zeitlupe. Im Gegensatz zum Computeroriginal sehen auch die Sprites einfarbig und trist aus. Außerdem ist neben der individuellen Teamzusammenstellung und dem Sammeln von Goldmünzen nichts Neues hinzugekommen.
Mega Play Magazine (Sep, 1991)
While I applaud the effort made to create a new "sport" on the Genesis, this attempt just doesn't work well. The controls aren't responsive enough and the play is never really exciting.
Speedball - another name for a fast sphere of energy that you chase around, smacking opponents and laying them out on their respective duffs. Sounds exciting, probably not, because this has been done too many times before. Oh well, creativity is hard to find.

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