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Spider-Man Credits (Genesis)

Kids to Adults
ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Spider-Man Credits

Software Developed by Western Technologies, Inc.

Executive ProducerGeorge Degolian
ProducerMichael Ahn
Director of SoftwareMichael Staw
ProgrammingSteven Taylor, Patrick E. Hughes, Mark Guidas
Additional ProgrammingChris Sidhall, Chris Longpre, Alan Maynard
Background ArtTate Mosesian, Eric A. Iwasaki, Bill Longworth, John Harris
Sprite AnimationMalcom Hee, Charles Amsellem, Bernie Petterson, Rodger Ferris, Erik Alwill, Mike D'Isa
Splash ScreensLin H. Shen
StoryboardsRodger Lueras
Game TestingJohn Wagner
Game DesignLincoln Kamm, Bill Longworth, Mike D'Isa, Charles Morales
Music and Sound EffectsFletcher Beasley
Special ThanksAvi Arad, Bob Richardson, Dennis Venizelos

Acclaim Development by The Black Team

ProducerMark Flitman
Associate ProducerTyrone Miller, Douglas Yellin, Ken Kejikawa
AnalystsJoe Allocco, Michael Archer, Joseph Mazziotto
Special ThanksMike Thomas, Dana Moreshead, Lisa Geisenheimer, Linda Spelman, C. P. McBee, Martin DeRiso

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Credits for this game were contributed by Chris Longpre (57)