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Spirou Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Nice Sega logo
Language select
Title screen
Spirou the herou
Starting a level
On the street
Nice view
Restaurant and car
At the end of level 1 Spirou meets Cyanida for the 1st time. And she literally minimizes him.
Level two: Spirou is pushing crates at the toy store...
...practicing his slide move...
...and meeting strange people...
Toy store Part 2: autoscrolling portion of the level - full of cheap instant deaths!
Level four is subway. Guess our herou can't just enter a train like everybody does... And so we meet Cyanida again!
Spip (the squirrel) jumps a bit ahead of us.
Level 5, The Factory intro.
Level 5 is the first really hard level complete with automatic turrets and lava pits...
...and also strange crab-like robot monsters
Next level is rooftops. Gotta kill this robot to get his hook!
...and slide down gracefully
We beat Cyanida, but she managed to escape!
Intro of level 7, The Chase
Very nice parallax scrolling here.
Sadly, we crashed at the mountains.
Now we get acquainted with local wildlife...
...and jump on the branches.
Level 9 is catacombs, complete with mini-puzzles...
...and new hazards.
Blasted Cave! I hate swimming in this game.
Between two submarines.
Now we're at the swamp, monkey-swinging...
...and jumping on hippo's back. He doesn't mind.
A dangerous trip.
Ah, fresh jungle air! And more wicked wildlife!
This creature, sent by Fantasio, will leave valuable items needed to progress.
The final battle is close. These elevators are a part of maze-like last level.
As with the over boss battle, all you need to do is shoot. Forget all your tactical schemes and boss patterns.