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Sports Talk Baseball Credits (Genesis)

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Sports Talk Baseball Credits


Main ProgrammerMatsuhide Mizoguchi (Mizoran)
Assistant Programmer100shiki [百式]
Graphic DesignerSadachan, Waon, Hisato Fukumoto (7ly Big King), Takashi Yuda (Thomas ♥ Yuuda), Rice
Game DesignerWanta
Voice and Sound byWestern Technologies, Alan Maynard, Jeff Fort, Raymond Frericks Jr., E.S.S.
Announcer (uncredited)Lon Simmons
Translations byTakeshi Sumida, James H. Gros
Special ThanksOhsan, The Fort, Silver Chariots, Mudamudamudamudamuda, Kongotomo Yoroshiku, Sushi‑X Modoki, Dio Sama, Team Clutch Hitter, Pochi
© 1992MLBPA, Sega
Presented bySega

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