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GamePro (US) (Jul, 1994)
This Genesis cart isn't quite the same as the SNES game released earlier this year, but it's close enough that Starfleet officers who survived the SNES mission won't encounter enough surprises to make it worth a second play. Those with a choice will want to opt for a commision on an SNES voyage. Either way, fans should definitely set a course for this first generation of TNG games.
Game Players (Jul, 1994)
As commander-in-chief of the entire Star Trek universe, you're granted control of almost every conceivable option on the Enterprise, from mixing it up with Romulans to reading a computer essay on warp-field operations. This is easily the best of the Trek games, but the tedious nature of some Away Team missions keeps it from a better rating.
Beam me up big-time to the far reaches of the galaxy. This action/adventure title is basically the same game that was released by Spectrum HoloByte for the Super NES. The game looks good; all of the Enterprise crew members look like cute little people.
Mean Machines (Jul, 1994)
Full marks in the ingenuity stakes, and not a bad little effort for the role-playing minded amongst us.
If you're a diehard RPG or Trek fan, you might consider looking at this one. The digitized graphics, animations and sound effects are mediocre. The thing that really kills is the game controls on the planet. Once you beam down on a planet, you get zapped by the enemy. The battle scenes in space are very difficult. It's not fair to be attacked by three ships while having a limited supply of weapons. Too bad.
60 (Nov 30, 2006)
Perhaps I'm just nit-picking here. After all, most Star Trek games of the era outside the PC realm suffered the same limitation drawbacks. It would take the advent of CD technology found in later consoles to truly represent what the series should be like in gaming. Taken for what it is, Echoes from the Past is a good representation on a 16-bit console of Roddenberry's vision, at least good enough to warrant playing. I would recommend the use of a FAQ unless you've got the patience to get around the steep learning curve. It's not a bad way to spend an afternoon, but true Trek fans may want to look elsewhere.
Just Games Retro (Apr 29, 2007)
Echoes from the Past, (and its sister version "Future's Past" on the SNES) is the first Star Trek game for the 16-bit era. It varies from the NES/Game Boy title by telling a complete story in the form of a single "episode" playing out over the course of the game. To introduce the appropriate gameplay elements and gameplay length, that story becomes a little more disconnected than any of the show's episodes - even early ones like "Lonely Among Us" - but the ultimate flaw is the sheer gameplay tedium you will grapple with as you solve a strictly average Star Trek mystery.