Streets of Rage Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

Title screen
Character stats
Character select screen
Knee bash
Pipe smash
Call for back-up
Level clear
Stage 2
Damn freak...
Mr. Bad-ass from stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 3 boss
Stage 4
Things are getting though, arent they?
Player 2's special attack, note that in a two-player game the number of bosses is often doubled.
Adam and Blaze with a two-player team move
Together Axel and Blaze defeat this dominatrix in stage 3.
Another team move: Adam launches off Blaze for a big jump.
Players 1 & 2 can hit each other so be careful where you jump/kick.
Stage 5: Karateka's come flying in from every corner of the screen.
There can be a LOT of enemies on screen at the same time.
Stage 6 is filled with dangerous industrial presses and conveyor belts.
Those nasty fire-breathing bosses from stage 4 return in stage 6.
Being whipped by a dominatrix on the elevator of stage 7.
Stage 8: the fighting continues inside Mr. X's headquarters.
The final showdown; a meeting with Mr. X
During each level, destroying scenery, such as this tire stack, will yield weapons, health and bonuses.
The black holes in the floor of stage 4 can be used to your advantage by throwing enemies into them resulting in instant death. But enemies can also do the same to you.
Stage 5 is the first level you will face multiple bosses, regardless of a second player.