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The Super Aquatic Games Credits


Original Game DesignSteve Bak
Original CodingSteve Bak
GraphicsSean Nicholls
Additional GraphicsLeavon Archer
Original Music and Sound EffectsRichard Joseph
ProducerKevin Shrapnell
Assistant ProducerRupert Easterbrook
Product ManagementAndrew Corcoran, Neil Thewarapperuma, Lesley Mansford
Package IllustrationDavid John Rowe
Package Design (US)Corey Higgins
DocumentationDavid Luoto, Colin Dodson
Documentation LayoutChris Morgan
Documentation Layout (US)Jennie Maruyama
Quality AssuranceRichard Gallagher, Ashley Richardson, Glenn Chin

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (185790) and chiliflamingo (286)