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Sword of Vermilion Credits

19 people (17 developers, 2 thanks)


DirectorHiroshi Hamagaki (Sada)
Scenario WriterKeiji Okayasu (Namako)
Game DeisgnHiroshi Hamagaki (Sada), Keiji Okayasu (Namako), Tomoharu Kimura (Madoka)
Chief ProgramerTomoharu Kimura (Madoka)
Chief DesignerKey
Main ProgramTomoharu Kimura (Madoka), Keiji Okayasu (Namako)
ProgramSatoshi Mifune (Bin), Zeas-Q, Lalf2
Sound ProgramHiroshi Kawaguchi (Hiro [68000]), Yasuhiro Takagi (Yas [Z80])
Background DesignGudon
Boss DesignGudon, Papa
Enemy DesignGudon, Papa, Robo
Opening DesignJiji
Title DesignKey
Ascii DesignKey
Map DesignHiroshi Hamagaki (Sada), Keiji Okayasu (Namako)
Map EditComa, Lucy
Sound (Bgm)Hiroshi Kawaguchi (Hiro), Yasuhiro Takagi (Yas)
Sound (Effect)Yasuhiro Takagi (Yas)
Game CheckDog
Manual WriteTomoharu Kimura (Madoka), Keiji Okayasu (Namako)
Special ThanksYu Suzuki (Yu), Satoshi Mifune (Bin)

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