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An experiment that didn't quite work out. Majestic Lizard (676) 3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.4
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.8
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Overall User Score (14 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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Zero (Feb, 1990)
Add stunning colour backdrops, silky smooth parallax scrolling and adrenalin-pumping speeds to the enormous variety of aliens and levels, and you have a truly monster classic game. This is a game you are going to play and play, and because of its immense playability you're going to load it whenever you've got a few minutes spare for a quick blast. Thunder Force II is a joy to watch, play and listen.
90 (Jul 08, 2004)
I don't think Sega could have chosen a better title to port over to the states to help promote the Genesis at the time than Thunder Force II from Tecnosoft. Absolutely every aspect of the game gleams with excellence and is a definite keeper to any shooter fan. Also, you are not a hard-core Thunder Force junkie if you do not own this game. With superior design creating fun gameplay, this game is it, without a doubt. And if you haven't guessed, this title comes highly recommended. So get off your butt and go find a copy before they become any harder to find.
1UP! (Apr 12, 2013)
Le graphisme, l'animation, le son, sont poussés à un tel niveau de qualité qu'on a l'impression de tenir entre les mains un artéfact d'une origine inconnue. Peut-être Techno Soft venaient-ils vraiment d'une autre planète, et pour nous raconter l'histoire de leur race extra-terrestre, les gloires passées de victoires stellaires, ils nous auront offert ces incroyables Thunder Force.
Netjak (Nov 19, 2002)
I highly recommend Thunder Force 2. Although part 3 is definitely a better game, I still found a lot of fun to be had with the original (I consider this the original since the first TF was a Japan-only, early 80's shooter for some ancient computer).
Mean Machines (Oct, 1990)
Thunderforce II is great fun - for a while. But I think you'll get bored with it fairly quickly, as the gameplay is quite limited. Having two different types of scrolling sections is a good idea, but neither format stretches the Megadrive to its limits. This is true for graphics and sound as well - the sprites aren't particularly good, the backdrops are alright and the sound effects are meaty, but I think the machine is capable of better. Having said that, the action is fast and furious while it lasts - I just wish there was more to it.
VideoGame (Apr, 1991)
Liderado pelo imperador Reficul, o Sistema da Estrela Solitária declarou guerra ao planeta Nebula, que pede ajuda ao superjato Thunder Force II. A missão deste é destruir a nave mãe inimiga, Plealos.
PixlBit (Jan 23, 2014)
Techno Soft did an excellent job blending two viewpoints into one shooter. Strangely enough, this was also the last Thunder Force game to feature overhead scrolling levels, in favor of the side view. Thunder Force II is definitely a must-own for any Genesis game collector. It's also a great game to pick up if you're not very familiar with some of the earlier games in the system's life. So whether you're looking for a good challenge or just want to relive the 2D shooting days of old, you'll find it all here in this well crafted game of reflexes and patience.
A very good game! Thunder Force II has a lot of action with plenty of enemies to interact with and power-ups to retrieve. The graphics are exceptional, with two scenes and plenty of weapons. This is one shooting game that has teeth!
Power Play (Dec, 1989)
Es kracht, donnert, zischt und rumpelt: Die Masse Musik auf diesem Modul ist beeindruckend. Aber auch die Grafik ist nicht von schlechten Eltern, auch wenn die etwas klobig geraten sind. Thunder Force II spielt sich gut, wenn man ein paar Kniffe heraus hat. Manche Levels erinnern an ein heftig aufgemotztes “Xevious’ die anderen an “R-Type” - ein feiner Mischmasch. Doch es gibt ein paar hündisch schwere Stellen, die meiner Meinung nach nur mit Glück oder dem Verlust eines Schiffs zu schaffen sind. Da hilft auch kein einstellbarer Schwierigkeitsgrad. Wer flink am Joypad ist, bekommt viele Sprites, tolle Musik und acht Levels Spaß. Einsteiger oder Baller-Muffel sollten besser die Finger davon lassen.
Amstar (Dec, 1990)
Thunder Force II révèle un degré de difficulté relativement im­portant avec des graphismes de bonne qualité. Cependant, il faudra s'habituer au système de tir du vaisseau qui va dans les 8 directions.
70 (Aug 28, 2019)
Flaws aside Thunder Force II is probably the second best launch era Genesis title behind Golden Axe. It is also one of its better early shooters. Had they kept some of the features of the X68000 version it would have been exceptional rather than merely good.
Megablast (1992)
Knackige Gegner, fünf Extrawaffen-Sorten und drei Schwierigkeitsgrade sorgen für spielerische Abwechslung, Grafik und Sound sind dagegen relativ mager. Also solide Ballerkost, aber (noch) nichts Weltbewegendes.
Mit THUNDER FORCE II hat das Mega Drive wieder einmal Gelegenheit, zu zeigen,was in ihm steckt. Zwar ist der Sound nur mittelmäßig, doch wird dieses Manko durch die wunderschöne Grafik wieder wettgemacht. Alles ist herrlich detailliert und gut animiert. Ein Ruckeln beim Scrolling war jedenfalls nirgendwo auszumachen. Mag der Spielablauf auch schon abgelutscht sein, THUNDER FORCE II macht trotzdem riesigen Spaß. Man bekommt für sein Geld wirklich eine ausgezeichnete Leistung geboten. Leider ist nicht für jeden Konsolenbesitzer solch ein zugegeben happiger Preis bezahlbar. Hier sollte der Hersteller noch einmal den finanziellen Spielraum der potentiellen Kunden bedenken, auch wenn das vorliegende Produkt viel Spiel fürs Geld bietet. 40 Mark weniger und der Hitstern wäre vergeben worden. So aber wird man wohl mehrere Nächte drüber schlafen müssen, ehe man sich zum Kauf entschließt. Viel Spaß dabei!
Player One (Oct, 1990)
Pour un coup d'essai, ce n'est pas un coup de maître, il ne reste plus qu'à s'armer de patience pour déguster Thunder Force III, déjà sorti au Japon. Ce Dernier est lui, fabuleusement génial!
Micro News (May, 1990)
Thunder Force II perd rapidement de l'intérêt en raison de son extrême difficulté et de sa faible maniabilité. A réserver aux fous d'arcade.
Ce deuxième opus a tout de même pour lui l'avantage d'inventer le système d'armement qui deviendra le standard de la série. Enfin, techniquement le jeu a beaucoup vieilli et pourrait en rebuter certain, la faute à un manque de prise de risque lors du portage du jeu du X68000 vers la 16-bit de Sega, prise de risque qui sera au rendez-vous pour l'opus suivant, le studio se donnant les moyens de sortir le meilleur du hardware MegaDrive. Au final Thunder Force II reste un shoot them up moyen, qui vaut tout de même la peine d'être joué pour tout fan de la série qui souhaiterait en découvrir les origines sur MegaDrive.
The Video Game Critic (Aug 30, 2001)
This was the first game of the classic Thunder Force series of shooters to be released in the U.S. Thunder Force 2 alternates between overhead and side-view stages. The overhead stages aren't too hot. You can fly in four directions, but this freedom presents a problem: where are you supposed to go? You can blow up everything in sight and open gates to access new areas, but your final objective is never quite clear. Finally I figured out that you need to destroy all the enemy fortresses to advance to the next stage. When I finally reached level 2, the REAL fun began. There's some great side-scrolling shooting action here, with all kinds of cool weapons. You'll get six continues to make it through nine excessively hard levels. Thunder Force 2 isn't great, but it set the stage for superior Thunder Force 3.
Thunder Force II deserves to be neutered at the end. It deserves its awful conclusion and it deserves what it does fantastically right to be hidden away behind numerous bungles and dead wood. I can’t think of anything more damning than to point out how it has, hidden in its depths, something so wonderful, but, in the same breath, advise you not to bother. The ideal world is a pipedream. The majority of Thunder Force II is rotten.

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