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TinHead Credits (Genesis)

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TinHead Credits

MicroProse U.K.

ProgrammingNick Thompson, Paul Dunning, Jim Gardner, Chris Newcombe
GraphicsTrevor Slater, Theo Pantazi, Mark Wilson, Paul Ayliffe, Allan Holloway, John Reitze
Game Design and MapsRichard Lemarchand
Quality AssuranceJason Sampson, Darren Kirby, Robert Husband
Music & Sound EffectsPaul Tonge
Graphics TechnicianSeth Walker
ProducerStuart Whyte
Thanks toPaul Hibbard-Teall, Peter Moreland, Andrew Hieke, Rob Northen, everyone at MPS U.S., and WALDO

Spectrum HoloByte

ProducerHarvey Lee
Quality AssuranceMarjorie DeWilde
Lead TesterRobert Wong
TestersGarth Gurley, Randy Lee, Sean McKenna, Hart Nelson, Wi Kian Tang, Sergio Vuskovic, Larry Stephen Webber
Instruction ManualRobert Giedt
Graphic ServicesCarrie Galbraith, Lucija Kordic, Jerome Paterno
Product MarketingTom Byron
Special ThanksKurt Boutin, Pat Feely, Clyde Grossman, Gilman Louie, Kathryn Lynch, Martin Moth, Marisa Ong, Ann Pratt, Stan Roach

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Credits for this game were contributed by Richard Lemarchand (14)