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Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title Screen
Options Screen
Password Screen
Buster's found a treasure map!
Montana Max is causing trouble once again!
Buster goes off to rescue his friends
The map screen - paths open up as you pass levels
Buster can stomp on enemies to defeat them
As you continue to hold left or right, Buster's speed gradually increases
These springs bounce you up high in the air
Touch Gogo Dodo to exit the level
At the end of each level, your points are totalled up, including bonus points
Hearts refill your health meter
Buster can also crawl through narrow gaps
It can be hard to spot those teeth when Buster is running at full speed
Buster can even wall jump, just like Samus!
Summoning Conrad Condor will destroy all enemies currently on-screen
These platforms will fall not long after Buster steps on them
More levels have opened up on the map screen - the red star indicates a boss
Buster needs to stomp Dr. Splicer, as the brainwashing helmets are spiky and can't be stepped on
After stomping on Dr. Splicer's head, you'll have to wait before you can hit him again