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Toki Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen.
Your girlfriend is kidnapped, and you'r turned into a monkey.
This is the first level. Nice and colorful graphics.
I'm about to enter a cave, I just have to take care of that spiked thing blocking my way.
Wearing a helmet for protection.
Spit balls to kill your enemies.
Sometimes it's preferable to walk on all fours.
I'm up on a mountain, above the clouds it seems.
This is the first boss.
Fire-spitting high up on a floating platform.
Sometimes you have to swim with sharks.
Jumping over some dangerous spikes.
The game has eight levels.
Toki is easily killed, one hit is all it takes.
This is another boss. The heart is its weak spot.
Swinging on a vine.
Some kind of worm is crawling around the platform below me. I have to jump at the right moment...
You will see a lot of different environments in the game.
Fighting a mini-boss.

Arcade version

Title screen
Collect money
Evil monkey
Cave's head with teeth
Big egg
Liana climbing
Miniboss -big machine
Ghost watching trampoline
Deadly spikes
Natural fountain
Stage final boss

Atari ST version

Title screen
Starting location
Flying enemies above, a power-up beckons near a ground opponent
Gotcha but good!
A gigantic weight has just landed on a see-saw, propelling me up, up, up!
First boss
So you guys were the source of all that trouble?
Another firepower
"Fire" power is right!
Next boss

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Ocean logo
The beginning location
Wear a helmet for protection against enemies
Watch out for all these enemies!
Toki can shoot fire!
An end of level boss
Watch out for that cannon!

Lynx version

Title screen
Your girlfriend is kidnapped
Bouncing monkeys look cute but the're deadly
Enemies can also be killed by jumping on them
Shooting the spikey mounds results in a five way spikeball heading staight at you
The protective helmet makes you invincible for a short amount of time
The shoes allow toki to jump higher
What can be behind this deathtrap
Monkeys control the idol of doom
Flame thrower power up
Spiders move up and down and ocaisionally fire off six shots in all directions
Three way spit powerup
The bouncing monkeys need to be dealt with before giving the first boss a pummeling
Toki does a little victory salute at the end of each level
Carefull swimming is in order to survive
A sub-boss that you meet underwater
The second boss appears
The second boss fires bouncing eyeballs at you
This bird is made of fire
The continue screen

NES version

Title screen
Stage 1 map
Playing through stage 1
I lost all my lives. Continue?
Game over