Tom Mason's Dinosaurs for Hire Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

Title screen
The game has a sense of humor...
Short intro
First level: two player-mode
Good to know the right direction
Shooting everything on your way
Anybody there?
Looks like a trap...
Subway level
Fighting roaches
Each dino has a very amusing biography
Subway Part B
Subway Mid-Boss
Empire State Building
Pterodactyl gives an insight on an upcoming bossfight
Boss - Minotaur
Minotaur looses a hand
Weapon power maxed out
Beneath Hoover Dam
This area is tricky
Jet Ski Adventure (autoscrolling)
Hollywood (using a bomb)
Blue Line train
Toy Factory
Oh, insta-kill fire, perfect...
Toy Factory Mid-Boss
Japan - friendly turtle and a samurai
Dino Vs. cannon
Shadow Yamato - fire attack
More insights from Pterodactyl
Take that, monstrosity
Japan Boss
The Base
Fighting the pterodactyl for some reason
Final area part 1
Final area part 2
Final area part 3