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Troy Aikman NFL Football Credits


ProducerMichael Abbot
Creative DirectorKevin Lydy
Art DirectorStan Gorman
Illustration & Print DirectorDebra Austin
Game DesignMichael Hunley, David Schwartz, Gary Luecker, Kevin Lydy, Michael Abbot, John Stookey
Game ProgrammingMichael Hunley, Don Goddard, David Schwartz, Brian Johnson
Field DesignDon Goddard
Game ArtGary Luecker, David Ellingson, Francisco Gracia, Greg Miller, Michael Platteter, Bert Farache, Andrew E. Wilson
Music Composition and Sound EffectsRobert Atesalp
Package Concept & IllustrationSteve High, Shawn Murphy, Debra Austin, Beeline Group Inc.
Manual Design & ProductionSteve High, Shawn Murphy, Debra Austin
Quality ControlBrian Johnson, Randy Estrella, John Stookey, Timothy Heydelaar, Danny Lewis, Steve Kramer
Technical AdviceTroy Aikman, Patrick Curran, Vincent Curran, Chris Curran
Special ThanksVerna Riddles, Charlyn Aikman, Bobby Collier, Jack Collier

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76469)