Turma da Mônica na Terra dos Monstros Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

Title screen.
A bit of background...
Welcome to the Land of Fantasy.
The castle's door is closed, Princesa Magali was kidnaped.
If you won't die by falling in the watter, why care jumping over those platforms?
Inside a shop.
Inventory screen.
Here's Cebolinha.
Anjinho sends Priscila to help Mônica.
Mônica found the ocarina.
Priscila helping Mônica.
Saving a game.
Your first enemy, Mamãe Cogumelo (Mushroom Mom)
After defeating bosses, you receive a chest and gold.
Exit from the castle.
Climbing her way down to the secret passage.
Mônica can't use a shield with certain weapons, but she can spin it covering herself.
The way is blocked!
Mônica saves Magali.
Up to the top.
Mônica comes to visit Magali after saving her.
That girl said the star over the bell is special in some way, but Mônica doesn't know how yet.
Oh, sure I wanna buy that...
Mônica playing Tarzan.
What's up, funny face?
The king is sad 'cause the Pés Sujos (Dirty Feet) kidnapped Bidu, his dog.
There is Bidu... they'll cook him!
Mônica and Bidu, together in the dark...
Run Indy... er, Mônica!
Game over.