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Written by  :  Robbb (136)
Written on  :  Sep 26, 2004
Platform  :  Genesis
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Same great gameplay but missing something....

The Good

Another great strike game brought to you by Electronic Arts. Impressive new vehicles. It's awesome to be running around with different weapons, even when your running only with a rifle! Graphics come to a good average.

The Bad

As with all the other strike games that have come out after Desert Strike, it still is missing something. Although the concept stays there, the tone and feel has withered down. Probably the most idiotic thing about this game in total is the story of Malone. The "Malone" that's been hiring millions of people to do his killing, running a political corporation that is just as evil as the Bush Administration!, is really the retarded South American, weed loven, cocaine somkin druglord known as Carlos Ortega! Why would a drug lover go thru such heavy plastic surgery that's even worser than Michael Jackson, just to make himself look like a politcal monster?! That's where it loses some points. And then the feel and tone of what was in Desert Strike is now gone. The feel of Desert Strike was, "there's a madman out to start WWIII, and the whole world fears the unthinkable. The President of the USA has chosen a pilot, that the whole world is counting on to defeat the Madman and rid the world of this threat, in the Desert!" See, where is that? Now it's all secreat missions that you have to do before the public finds out. The tone of Desert Strike was forever lost, thus helped marked the end of the Strike series.

The Bottom Line

Well, good action, good graphics, but lacks the feeling in the concept and story. That is critically important in video games, as in my point of view.