VectorMan Credits (Genesis)

Kids to Adults
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VectorMan Credits

Blue Sky Software

DesignersRichard Karpp, Mark Lorenzen
Project ManagerJennifer Cleary
Game Concept ByDana Christianson, Richard Karpp, Mark Lorenzen, Jason Weesner
Lead Background ArtistAmber Long
Background ArtistsJeff Jonas, Geoffrey Knobel, Mark Lorenzen, Jeff Remmer
Background AssistantBrandon McDonald
Lead AnimatorMarty Davis
AnimatorsEllis Goodson, John Roy
Splash ScreensJeff Remmer
SoundJon Holland
MusicJon Holland
Lead ProgrammerRichard Karpp
ProgrammersMark Botta, Keith Freiheit, Bonita Kane
Special ThanksPatrick Brogan, Tom Carroll, John Fulbright, Jerry Huber, Matt McDonald, Chuck Osieja, Sam Powell, Rick Randolph, Rick Schmitz, Kim Walsh


ProducerJerry Markota
Assistant ProducerMarianne Arotzarena
Product ManagerJohn Garner
Product SpecialistClint Dyer
Marketing AssistantJohnathan Kully
Test Game LeadJohn Amirkhan
Test Assistant LeadsMike Borg, Abraham Navarro, Kim Rogers
Game TestersMarc Dawson, Ty Johnson, Jeff Junio, Anthony Lynch, Raul Orozco, Ilya Reeves, Don Tica
Special ThanksE. Ettore Annunziata, Gerald DeYoung (as Smuv Deyoung), Clint Dyer, Joe Miller, Scott Rohde, Chris Smith, Terry Tang

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Credits for this game were contributed by Roedie (5252) and リカルド・フィリペ (168233)