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VectorMan Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Sega logo with Vectorman ;)
The story
Nice options screen
Starting the game
Collecting photons below
Those flying things explode and cause lots of damage
This big thing throws fireballs at me
In drill form VectorMan can destroy certain platforms
Boss of stage 1
When destroyed the boss melts into pieces
Stage 2 is a short boss fight. You're a train, and you need to throw off the WarHead
Next stage is in the water
Morphed into a fish
Morphed into a bomb to destroy this wall to the left
Stage 4 is deep underwater, floaty jumping physics included
One of the most valuable items - permanent health increase
Stage four boss (1)
Stage four boss (2)
Stage five - Arctic ridge shows some cool graphics and effects
Behind water fall
VectorMan's idle animation
Stage boss - Clockwork
Next stage is Bamboo mill with conveyor belts all over the place
Stage 7 is strange - you need to destroy the jumping rocks while staying within the constantly rolling playfield (nothing is really explained in the game)
Morphed into a buggy
Stage 9 - Hydroponic lab
Destroying a harmless can with something alive inside
Fire extinguisher with jaws. Yep.
Stage 9 boss takes several different forms
The next stage takes place during sunset, but the surroundings and enemies are basically the same, nothing new
Bonus stage - you're a round thing in the middle and you need to shoot in 4 directions to stay alive
Stage 11 is just a boss fight
The next stage takes place at night with occasional lightning flashes
Stage 13 - Dark ruins. Again, some really neat lens flare effects here
Morphed into some gliding creature
Stage 14 features a lot of vertical room
Stage 14 boss - spider bomber
Stage 14 boss - piranha
Stage 14 boss -monkey
In the next stage you'll see monitors with weird clips
Going up a tornado
Showdown Vs. WarHead
When all is said and done, you'll be shown the names of all the enemies in the game
It is possible to destroy the SEGA logo in the beginning
Secret menu