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Warlock Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen.
You are killed. Statues, bees, and ghosts triumph over human intellect
These are the best weather conditions for reviving ancient evils
The evil developers of the game gather into an ominous circle, programming the gruesome death scenes for the protagonist
Nice options screen. Looks like... uh... a book?
You start in a peaceful scenery
Upon closer inspection, you notice that the bridge has been destroyed. Thoughts of suicide overcome you
This dark face is all you see when you die
Hey, I always liked butterflies... and evil entangling plants
Please, don't scare me like this!
Resurrection is a very pleasing experience
Entering a Dark Castle (TM)
The wall is pushing the hero to the water. The hero can't swim. What do you think happens next?
This remind me of a Chinese traditional "hot pot" dinner
Spikes in the floor is a necessary attribute for platformers
Dead again. Too many gargoyles, I guess
Rising lava slowly fries me from below, and shield-protected foes fire at me from above. All I hope for is a quick, painless death
Beautiful. Pink, magenta, and other colors
Ducking at the sight of a bat
You hide behind the rock, hoping the giant spider won't notice you
I have never suffered from vertigo
Friends is all you need in life... it's just that you don't have any here