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World Series Baseball '96 Credits (Genesis)

World Series Baseball '96 Genesis Title screen


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World Series Baseball '96 Credits


Developed byBlueSky Software
Game DesignChuck Osieja, Jay Panek, Dana Christianson
ProducerChris Smith
Assistant ProducerDavid Perkinson
Product ManagerBrad Hogan
Lead ArtistScott Seidel
ArtistsRick Randolph, John Seidel, Joe Shoopack, Drew Krevi, George Simmons, Ray Ferro, Phil Gordon, Brian McMurdo, Chris Kreidel, Amber Long, Dok Whitson, Geoffrey Knobel (as Geoff Knobel)
Lead ProgrammerDavid Dentt
ProgrammersBill James, Larry Clague (as Larry Claque), Kevin Baca, Mike Nana, David Kunkler (as Dave Kunkler)
Sound, Speech, and MusicSam Powell
Voice TalentSteve Mollenhauer, Jim Staylor, Scott Seidel, Chuck Osieja, Jay Panek, John Holland
ManualTimothy S. Flanagan
Test LeadDavid Paniagua (as Dave Paniagua)
Assistant Lead TestsLorne Asuncion, Daniel P. Dunn (as Danny Dunn), C. Matthew Prescott (as Matt Prescott)
TestersRey Alferez, Don Carmichael, Marc Dawson, Michael Dobbins (as Mike Dobbins), Scott Farrar, Sam Ford, John Fosnaugh, Chris Garrett, Robert Hernandez (as Rob Hernandez), Rodric Hong (as Roderick Hong), Christina Hurley, Ryan Hurth, Matthew Ironside (as Matt Ironside), Jeff Junio, Ian Levin, Christopher Lucich (as Chris Lucich), Matt Lucich, Anthony Lynch (as Tony Lynch), Conner Morlang, Darren Nagtalon, Raul Orozco, Sean Potter, Anthony Ragano (as Tony Ragano), Ben Rubright, Leonard Sayers (as Len Sayers), Kathleen Silkworth, Jeff Silveira (as Jeff Silveria), Timothy Spengler (as Tim Spengler), Brian Thoroman, Ferdinand Villar, Patrick Walsh (as Pat Walsh), Jeremy Wheat, Charles Yang (as Charlie Yang), Peter Young
Sega Sports TeamChris Cutliff, Gerald DeYoung, Rosie Freeman, Tracy Johnson, Scott Rohde
MarketingJohn Gillin, Anne Moellering, Christine Nunn
Special ThanksJohn Carlucci, Tom Carroll (as Tom Carrol), Tom DiPace, James Doyle (as James Doyal), Angela Edwards, W. Sean Hennessy (as Sean Hennessy), Michael Kramer, Mark Lorenzen, Willie Mancero, Matt McDonald, Michael McMahon (as Mike McMahon), Joe Miller, Tom Moon, Mark Paniagua, Steve Payne, Karl Robillard, Helene Sheeler, Matt

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (202319)